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Promo Tea Card


Promo Tea Card

Black tea and herbal tea are well known for their health benefits. Some of which include, cancer fighting properties, antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Tea is also known to improve allergies and immunity, lower cholesterol and even strengthen bones and lessen the affects of arthritis. PromoTherapy has a range of promo tea bags, including black tea, herbal tea blends and oriental tea blends. Cut tea and herb leaf mixes are also available in the promoshots or the more stylish glass jars. Custom branding is available on all options. Fresh and fragrant Promo Tea Cards, digital print 230gsm card pack, with perforated jiggler. Each card contains one single tea bag. A great low cost giveaway, great for mail outs and trade shows.

Size: 70mm (H) x 50mm (W)
Fabric: Various
Min Qty: 500 Pieces

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